Natallia Berdnikava

Natallia Was born on November 29th in Belarus. By the age of 6, the young athlete began her journey to success as a gymnast. At 12 years old, Natallia transitioned from gymnastics to water skiing. Since then she has continually dominated the sport of water skiing. She is an incredible athlete that always strives for perfection. 



"Naties coaching is one of the best I've ever experienced. She analyzes your style and figures out what works for you. She will find the way to make you change and improve." 

-Emma Brunel, French National Team Member


"Natie is the best coach. Not only does she help you improve your skills on and off the water, she helps you set goals and build the right mindset. She's an awesome human being that can help you in literally every situation."

-Sonya Maximenkova, Ukrainian National Jr Team Member


"Skiing with Natallia is great. The way she coaches is interesting and unique. Natallia is a nice person and makes skiing fun."

-Alice Bagnoli, Italien National Team Member